Alex Ferrer at Epic Club
November 17, 2018
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Epic Club

Alex Ferrer, Montraz

Este próximo Sábado 17 de Noviembre tendremos por primera vez en Puerto Rico al Big Kahuna de Deeplomatic Recordings, desde España y en exclusiva, Alex Ferrer!!

Junto a el parte de los mejores artistas locales: Montraz

•| ALEX FERRER |• [Deeplomatic/España]

Alex Ferrer is a DJ, producer and label owner who has be- come one of Spain’s nest exports in house music throughout recent years.

Alex has been related to the music industry since his early teens, emerging from a background of House and Garage and been heavily influenced by an upbringing of Latin, Funk, Disco and Soul, he has since been featured on a mammoth list of DJ line-ups, radio shows, years and music releases. His diverse quality sound and distinctive image ensures a dedicated following wherever he plays.

With an addiction for music, travel and party, he has played in over forty countries, obtaining a big scope of electronica in general, and house music in particular. His credentials include an eye-watering list of worldwide tours, DJ residencies and headlining appearances in renowned clubs all over the globe.

Now in the age of the popularisation of electronic music, Alex Ferrer is a reminder of a stronger than ever underground scene as he continues to showcase his true-house sound.