Lauter Unfug Pres.: Rave The Farm Indoor
May 18, 2019
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Bricherhaff, Syren! Weiler-la-Tour

Line-up /

Kaiser Souzai (Tronic, Patent Skills, Berlin )
Alex Ferrer (Deeplomatic Recordings, Madrid)
EdOne (Selador, Stil Vor Talent, Malaga)
Alex Heide (Lauter Unfug, Lux)
ND Catani (Beatfreak, Lux)
Mathias Treinen (Lauter Unfug, Lux)
Friedrich (Lauter Unfug, Lux)
Chook (Lauter Unfug, Lux)
Packo Gualandris (Lauter Unfug, Oberkorn Studios, Lux)
Nathlee b2b Andrew Martin (Kuukou records, Lux)
Pollux (Mauerpfeiffer, Saarbrücken)
Riven (Tiptil, Lux)
Owsley b2b Junior (Tiptil, Lux)
Flore b2b Alberto Stocco (Onis, Lux)
Mon Groove (Lauter Unfug, Fehler, Berlin)
Peacemaker (Homeless, Lux)
Djail Green (Lux)
Der Alte Jäger (Wupp, Lux)
MosjinNamja b2b Ridivo (Tiptil)
Double P (Clubzone, Lux)
Zak Solo (Sound, Metz)
Lucia (MNML, Lux)
Denis Keiner (Mauerpfeiffer, Saarbrücken)
Klinkenberg (Ipsographic , Lux)

▬▬▬▬ Rave The Farm #2 ▬▬▬▬

Summer is slowly approaching, temperatures are rising and a new festival season is waiting for us! ☀ To kick off, we are back at our beloved farm and transform it once again into a hotspot for every electronic music lover.
We are very happy to invite you to the second edition of the mighty RAVE THE FARM! Get ready for another packed weekend filled with good vibes, extravagant decorations and catchy tunes, all together in an outstanding location ????